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Aug. 17, 2019 | Saturday
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Letter to the editor: Re: Cannery park letters and snobby NOTLers
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I couldn’t agree more with the letter writer from Cannery Park, about the snobbishness of some residents from other parts of NOTL. Especially Old Town.

I don’t think these people regard St. Davids as part of NOTL. So much for all the talk about community coming together.

I read about all the wonderful things going on at the library, the community centre, the festivals, etc.

The outlet mall, forget that.

If you live in St. Davids, don’t own a car, or for some reason you can’t drive, you will find it very hard to attend all these wonderful things.

How about a decrease in taxes for our lack of amenities, i.e., bus service. No one expects a library, community centre or food markets in every part of town, but a bus would surely help.

On a visit to Toronto a lady asked where I lived. I said NOTL. Her reply, and I quote, was “That’s where they are always protesting and fighting about everything.”

So, now I say I live in St. David’s. A great number of people don’t know where that is, including some that live in NOTL.

The town is lovely, like a lot of other towns. Stop trying too hard to be unique.