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Aug. 17, 2019 | Saturday
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Wallbangers mimic NHL by achieving parity
Chris “Boomer” Manuel is welcomed back by Wallbangers blue team captain Mark Shantz after recovering from an upper body injury. (Ross Robinson/Supplied)

Wallbangers Old Timer Hockey Commissioner Bill Dickson has achieved what the high priced help at the NHL office in New York City has been working on for years. At the mid-point in this season, both the Blue Team and the Red Team have won eight games, with two games tied. This gives each team 18 points.

At first blush, this sounds great, but further research shows that several of the games have been one-sided blow outs. Games that end with the score 8-2 or 7-1 are no fun for the losing team. The reality is that who shows up, and who doesn’t show up, on a particular Sunday morning for the 7 a.m. game can make a huge difference.

For example, if one or two fast and slick usually younger players show up to play for Red Team, while Blue Team’s best players have slept in, are ill, or on vacation, lopsided scores result. Yes, Team Captains Mark Shantz and Carl Glauser negotiate at centre ice in the attempt to equalize the talent on both teams. Team Commissioner Bill Dickson hovers nearby, occasionally exercising his power of veto.

Also, the Captains must be sensitive and discreet, making every effort not to hurt player’s feeling. It is no fun to be traded, to be told to take off the sweater of your team, and pull on the opposite colour sweater. Not just because of the odour, but just the principle hurts.

Last week, Toronto Maple Leaf coach Mike Babcock analysed his team’s objective. “We have to be a heavy team that can play on the cycle and we are going to have to be a team that can really defend if we want to have success.” Sounds good to me… Good luck with that, Babbler…

Last Sunday morning saw the return of Chris “Boomer” Manuel. He had been off for far too long with an upper body or lower body injury. It is necessary to hide the location of injuries, so the other team cannot try to aggravate the problem. The Lake Report tried to get specific information, but was rebuffed several times. Frustrating, eh?

The 28th Wallbangers season goes on, with no penalties called and almost always great sportsmanship.