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Aug. 17, 2019 | Saturday
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Opinion: A 'redundant' letter
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This letter is now so redundant to give the word redundant new redundancy! In the middle of all the celebration and hoopla over your paper’s well-deserved success (yet you still manage to sound humble when you write about it,) I finally thought, this might give you a small moment of hindsight, and that I’d send it.

Back in mid-May, when I read your first issue, I thought, ‘By George, he’s got it!’

That perfect combination of concise fact combined with a certain tone of chattiness, and, wrote out a cheque for $100. A pittance, agreed; still, I thought it might contribute to a new pair of sneakers for you, as you seemed to be the only photographer running around. Plus, writing and obviously drumming up advertisers. But, no address – of course, no phone number either.

Understand here, I am totally unhooked to anything. Not even a cellphone. I shamelessly use my children when I need such services. Then, for a few reasons, I had to leave town for a bit.

My husband showed me the copies I missed, and there was an address. I changed the cheque to $152.

What I’d like to relate to you is the conversation I heard the day after I read your paper:

While I was sitting in the lab of the NOTL hospital, across from me sat two ladies. (60s, who can tell?) and at the end an older farmer type man.

Lady A says, “What do you think of the new paper?”

Lady B, “I like it.”

Farmer, “It’ll never fly.”

Lady B, ignoring him, “I always thought that Disero lady from Toronto council was here to support developers. Not so, I guess.”

Lady A, “I agree, so did I. But ,of course, if you don’t live in Old Town and know the right people, you just don’t know what goes on.”

Lady B, “Especially if you’re a farmer.”

Now, I’m a retired grape farmer, and this was getting good. I’m about to jump in when I hear, “OK, Maureen, come on in.”

So that (drat!) was that. And, Richard, after only one edition! So after all that followed, I thought you might enjoy the small exchange.

My husband has chaired the NOTL Christmas Parade for years, so I hope to meet. I know you have parties coming up.

Once again – Brava! On a great show.

P.S. You have it exactly – “hyper-local news.”