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Jun. 20, 2019 | Thursday
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Letter to the editor: Other houses look worse
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Dear Mr. Harley,

Some of your letters to the editor speak disparagingly of Cannery Park in St. Davids.

“The finishings in the Model Homes cried ‘cheaply built.’ The homes don’t fit the character of the town! Also that we belong in Brampton. I’ve seen homes around this area that are little more than shacks with abandoned cars, trucks, shipping containers and who knows what else all over their properties!

Your readers call Cannery Park a slum!!! Well excuse me you snobby Citizens of NOTL! Not everyone can afford a sweet little Bijou House in Old Town!

The project was built on scrub land that at one time collected run off water from the Cannery. It looks a lot better than the abandoned field I saw before the houses were built. The model homes were lovely and done up to reflect different budgets! We now have gardens and houses individualized by owners! We will have a new park sometime next year right in the middle of our development. We have a mixture of retired, semi retired, young families and singles! We are a community! If you don’t like us, don’t venture into St. Davids! Stop protesting every thing that you don’t like or isn’t done the way you want it! Start being a little more welcoming to new families who now pay the same taxes you do and contribute to the economy! If not for new residents like me NOTL would still be a little backwater town. Oh wait! That’s exactly how you want it to stay!

(Glad you are going weekly. I love the paper!)