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Jun. 25, 2019 | Tuesday
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Consecutive Wallbangers games end in disappointing ties, rule changes considered
Wallbangers veteran Marcel Lounsbury. (Ross Robinson/Supplied)


The weekly Sunday morning Wallbangers Old Timers Hockey Game ended in a fairly exciting 7-7 tie earlier this week. Red Team, captained by Carl Glauser, held a 6-1 lead half way through the third period, but tenacious forechecking and great work along the half walls allowed Blue Team to tie the game with only 34 seconds left. Ken “Svenny Greer” lazered a bewdy pass to Greg Wight who one timed it home past Neil Roberts. Seconds earlier, big J. R. Lewis had won a tough puck battle in the corner to get the puck to Greer.”

The age gap on the Wallbangers rosters has caused some problems in the past few years. To that end, an Ad Hoc Rules Committee has been formed, comprised of three aging verterans. League Comissioner Bill Dickson is working with smooth skating Montreal Baie d’Urfe[ native Phil Torell and rugged defenceman Marcel Lounsbury. Marcel played his kids hockey on the very chilly outdoor rinks and ponds of Rouyn-Noranda in, northern Quebec. He brings a keen sense of fair play to Wallbanger hockey, with skaters of various abilities enjoying the game without being hamstrung by referees. Let the campers run the camp, and all that.

Having a Rules Committee sounds rather formal, but is a necessary step. Should the mandate of the Rules Committee be to intelligently guide the evolution of the game, or to protect the status quo? Players get bigger, players get stronger, and lucky players get older. The rules must be modified to reflect new realities. For example, this season we have limited players to a maximum of three goals per game. After a third goal, the superstar must pass off to a teammate, sharing the thrill of the puck bulging the twine. If a player scores a fourth goal, the opposing team is credited with goal. This rule was borrowed from Ball Hockey International in St. Catharines.

Already this year, relative youngsters Ben Glauser, Evan McCaughey and J. R. Lewis have had hat tricks. Terry Nord, a really good hockey player, had two goals and a cross bar just before Christmas. Amazingly, J. R. Lewis, who can play well as both a forward and a goaltender, had forgotten his regular skates, and had his three goal game wearing his heavy goalie skates. Instead of the squeak, squeak sound of hollow ground skates, we heard a weird clunk, clunk sound as J. R. moved up and down the ice. Nobody enjoys the game of hockey more than J.R. And, he is a true raconteur on the bench, while most of us struggle to get our wind for our next shift.

Another rule change being considered is how to end game. Should a time limit buzzer halt proceedings, even if the game is tied? Surely, not a wimpy coin toss! Should a quick and tidy shoot out declare a winner? We could shorten our warm-up, and if the game is tied at 8:19 a.m., the rink attendant could sound the buzzer. Simultaneously, one player from each team would skate in on a breakaway. In the unlikely even both players score, another quick round. We would be very cognizant of our 8:20 finish time, so as not to grab any of Frank McIntyre’s time to follow..

We’ll see where this goes.

Another possible step forward for Wallbangers hockey will be a Coaching Certification course. Most Sunday mornings, a few players are missing. Life does get in the way. Business trips, vacations, sickness, malfunctioning alarm clocks, late, late Saturday nights, so many things. This often causes a discussion during the warmup between Capdtain Glauser and Captain Shantz, moderated by Commissioner Dickson.

A few players may be traded, in the attempt to even things up. The causes the traded players to be a bit out of sync. Both teams should use the same break out patterns, forechecking strategies, etc. This would allow seamless movements of players between teams

Or am I overthinking this?

There is no worry about PK and PP systems, because Wallbanger hockey has no referees to create PK and PP situations.

Slow motion hockey is fun to watch, and plenty of seats are always available at the Meridian Arena in Virgil Sunday mornings at 7 a.m.