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Jul. 16, 2019 | Tuesday
Upcoming Events
20th Annual Fife and Drum Muster and Soldiers’ Field Day
Join us for a spectacular showcase of military music, firepower demonstrations and drills from the early 19th century. Fife and drum corps and infantry units from historic sites across Canada and the United States face off in competition. A captivating experience not to be missed!

Youth $3.90
Adults $15.60
Seniors $13.95

About Fort George National Historic Site:
Soldiers in redcoats fire muskets, clouding the air with black powder smoke. Fifers’ and Drummers’ tunes drift past blockhouses, a historic powder magazine and cannons on the lookout. Step straight from the genteel Victorian town of Niagara-on-the-Lake into the War of 1812 at Fort George, a military post that defended Upper Canada against American attacks. Experience that era by tasting food cooked 19th century-style over an open flame, then fire a musket yourself!
Contact: Fort George National Historic Site:
(905) 468-6614
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